Performance Evaluation of Refraced Wells


Well refracing has become a game changer in the oil industry. However proper planning, selection of candidate wells, and prediction of refrac results is essential. This course deals with how to evaluate the expected performance of refracing and the comparison of other option such as infill driling using various up-to-date analytical and numerical software.




  • Learn why well refracing has become a game changer in the oil business.
  • Learn the methods used to identify the reasons of frac treatment
  • Good selection of candidate wells for refracing will ensure success
  • Proper design of refrac treatment will ensure both technical and financial success
  • Learn to compare the benefit of refracing vs infill drilling


January 11, 2024


This course is designed engineers, technologists, for and geoscientists involved in well fracing

  • Refracing activities in North America
  • Perform
  • Operation of well fracing in cased hope and open hole well completion
  • Impact of various reservoir parameters on perfromance
  • Selection of candidates for refracing
  • How to evaluate the efficiency of current frac using PTA and RTA
  • Is poor performance wells due to well completion, poor frac design or due to poor frac execution
  • How to predict performance well refracing, by optimizing frac half-length, frac conductivity, number of frac stages, and proper selection of frac fluids/proppant

Mr. Saad Ibrahim
P. Eng, president of Petro Management Group Ltd.

He has over 35 years of diversified experience in the oil and gas Industry and known as a worldwide highly recognized engineering consultant and a distinguished instructor.

He also completed a post- graduate program with the University of Calgary in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. The focus of Mr. Ibrahim’s experience lies in the area of Reservoir management, and well test planning/analysis. Mr. Ibrahim is a member of APEGA and SPE.