Evaluation of Multi-stage Frac of Hz Wells (MFHW’s)

Performance Evaluation of Horizontal Wells

Getting Started with Unconventional

Why not WF all oil field

Video from the Workshop “How to get the most out of Well Testing (PTA)”

Video from the Workshop “What is New With Multi-stage Fracing of Hz Wells “MFHW””

Video from the Workshop “Review of Well Injection tests”

Video from the Workshop “Application of Mini Fracs”

Video from the Workshop “Evaluation of Multi-stage Frac of Hz Wells (MFHW’s)”

Video from the Workshop “Challenges in Reserves Estimate for Multi-stage Frac of Hz Wells”

Petro Management Group LTD.

Petro Management Group Ltd. (PMG) is an integrated Petroleum Engineering consulting company providing services to the oil industry world wide since 1994. Our History: 20 years, 20,000 wells analyzed worldwide. Our Mission: Your Success … ‘NUFF SAID

2012 Oil & Gas Expo, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thank You to everyone who came to visit us at the 2012 Oil & Gas Expo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Please feel free to visit our office in Calgary, or send us a contact request on our contact page.

Business Award – Saad Ibrahim – Immigrants Of Distinction

Join us in congratulating Saad Ibrahim, Owner of Petro Management Group LTD., in receiving the Immigrant of Distinction Award, Business Category.

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