THAI – A Novel In-Situ Combustion Technology

Dr. Alex  Turta, Ph.D.,  P. Eng. – President of A T EOR Consulting Inc.

Lunch and Learn Presentation:  June 14, 2018, Calgary AB

 THAI – A Novel In-Situ Combustion Technology


Toe-to-Heel Air Injection (THAITM) process has been conceptualized in 1997 and has been developed during the 20-year period via laboratory tests, simulation and field testing.  Laboratory tests were conducted for 12 consecutive years in UK.  Simulation has been performed worldwide by more than 10 organizations. In the last 12 years, six field pilots/projects have been carried out in Canada, China and India; 4 THAI pilots are still on-going, while two were terminated. The essential aspects regarding laboratory tests and field pilots of THAI process along with their merits and limitations will be discussed; an improved THAI process and how to apply it will be revealed, via the following points:

1. Challenges in application of conventional in-situ combustion (ISC) process; new ISC processes
2. History of development of THAI and CAPRI processes
3. Basic mechanisms of THAI; General and combustion reaction mechanisms
4.    Essential laboratory 3-D cell test results
5.    Field piloting results
-Athabasca, Whitesands Pilot
– Kerrobert, Conventional Heavy Oil Project, Sa.
– Essential info on piloting of THAI outside Canada; two projects in China (Shuguang and Fengcheng Pilots) and two projects in India (on Balol and Lanwa Reservoirs)
6. Pros and Cons of THAI application; Sweet spots for application of THAI
7. Towards commercialization of THAI; possible improvements of the process

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Speaker:  Dr. Alex  Turta, Ph.D.,  P. Eng. – President of A T EOR Consulting Inc.
Location/time:   To be specified / June 14, 2018

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