Review of Well Injection tests

Saad Ibrahim, P. Engineer, President Petro Management Group

Interactive Workshops: To Be Announced, Calgary AB



Well injection tests have been used in the oil industry for various applications. In the early 1960’s injectivity fall-off tests and the Hall Plots were used to evaluate the injectivity efficiency of water disposal and injectors. With the shift to unconventional activities, step rate tests and Diagnostic Fracture Injection test (DFIT) have been widely used to obtain vital information to design frac treatments. Various case studies will be presented to illustrate the benefits of injection tests for the following applications:

  1. Optimize fluid injectivity by determining wellbore skin factor from injection/fall-off tests.
  2. Determine the closure pressure for frac design
  3. Determine leakoff types and indentify the presence of natural fractures.
  4. Determine wellbore pressure drop in perforation intervals and well tortuosity
  5. Determine the sealing injection pressure for EOR and steam injection projects
  6. Evaluate the draw down limit during well flow-back period following frac treatment.

Typically this L&L starts at 11:30 am (complimentary lunch is offered by PMG) and the technical presentation usually runs from 11:50 am until 12:50 noon, leaving 10 minutes for questions.

Speaker: Mr. Saad Ibrahim, P. Eng.

Saad Ibrahim has over 35 years of diversified experience in the Petroleum Industry

Saad Ibrahim has over 35 years of diversified experience in the Petroleum Industry in Western Canada and Internationally including projects in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. His focal experience is in Reservoir Engineering with emphasis on field development planning, evaluation of depletion strategies and production optimization of a wide spectrum of oil and gas fields. He has evaluated and initiated horizontal well applications that resulted in a remarkable increase in production levels. He also has a special interest in well test planning and analysis using state of the art software (F.A.S.T by Fekete and PanSystem). He has been involved in all phases of implementing secondary and tertiary recovery schemes. He has also expertise in technical and economic evaluations of oil and gas properties for acquisition and divestiture ventures. Mr. Ibrahim has conducted numerous technical presentations to the Petroleum Society of the CIM and various training courses to the industry.

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