Why Waterflood Became more Attractive this Year in Saskatchewan?

Mr. Saad Ibrahim, P. Eng.

Lunch and Learn Presentation:  June 27, 2018, Calgary AB

Why Waterflood Became more Attractive this Year in Saskatchewan?

The exploitation of numerous oil and plays in North America has been growing using the technology of Multi-stage Frac of Horizontal Wells (MFHW’s). The government of Saskatchewan has recently introduced a new  legislation  “Accelerated Waterflood Development Plan (AWDP)” which can significantly benefit operators in Sasketchwan.    However, the majority of these plays have been producing only under primary production, yielding modest ultimate oil recoveries in the range of 4% to 10%.  The application waterflooding of these plays using MFHW’s has not yet been applied extensively, which if properly applied, could double the ultimate oil recovery.   The purpose of this seminar is to investigate different optimization options to significantly increase the ultimate oil recovery, especially for tight oil formations such as the Cardium, Montney, Bakken, etc. and how to take advantage of the AWDP, as follow:

  1. Operational related problems that can affect water injectivity
  2. Monitoring tools of waterflood projects
  3. Optimization parameters of waterflooding using MFHW’s including:
    a.    The spacing between the producers and injectors
    b.    Frac spacing and frac geometry and frac placement design
    c.    Timing to start water injection
  4. How the new AWDP can significantly benefit operators in Saskatchewan?

Typically this L&L starts at 11:30 am (complimentary lunch is offered by PMG) and the technical presentation usually runs from 11:40 am until 12:50 noon, leaving 10 minutes for questions at the end.

Speaker:  Mr. Saad Ibrahim, P. Eng.

Location/time:   To be specified / June 27, 2018

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