Saad Ibrahim P.Eng.,
Saad Ibrahim P.Eng.,- Principal Engineer

Mr. Saad Ibrahim has over 35 years of diversified experience in the Petroleum Industry in Western Canada and Internationally including projects in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. His focal experience is in Reservoir Engineering with emphasis on field development planning, evaluation of depletion strategies and production optimization of a wide spectrum of oil and gas fields. He has evaluated and initiated horizontal well applications that resulted in a remarkable increase in production levels. He also has a special interest in well test planning and analysis using state of the art software (F.A.S.T by Fekete and PanSystem). He has been involved in all phases of implementing secondary and tertiary recovery schemes. He has also expertise in technical and economic evaluations of oil and gas properties for acquisition and divestiture ventures. Mr. Ibrahim has conducted numerous technical presentations to the Petroleum Society of the CIM and various training courses to the industry.

Special Award Recipient:

Mr. Ibrahim received the “Immigrant of Distinction” Award, in the business category, for the year 2008 in Alberta/Canada.

Graduated from the University of Alexandria (Egypt) with B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 1973. He has also obtained a post-graduate diploma from U of C in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering in 1983. Mr. Ibrahim is a member of the APEGGA, SPE and CIM.

Larissa Ibrahim
Larissa Ibrahim - VP Finance & Marketing
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Adel Erian
Adel ErianP.Eng., - Simulation Expert
Mr. Erian, P.Eng., is a highly seasoned reservoir engineer with emphasis on reservoir numerical modelling. Mr. Erian has over 30 years of reservoir engineering experience around the globe (Canada, USA, Libya, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia). His main focus is on utilizing reservoir simulation techniques to device optimal field development plans and implement reservoir management tools to maximize the ultimate oil and gas recoveries. Mr. Erian has modeled numerous types of E.O.R projects, including CO2, gas miscible injection, WAG, and waterflooding.

Mr. Erian conducted over 50 international reservoir studies using the most common simulators including Eclipse, IMAX, Stars, Exodus, MoreD (Roxair), Athos (Fran Lab) etc. He developed his own programs including: Black Oil Model, Decline Analysis, Material balance, Flash calculation. He also mentors junior engineers for conducing reservoir simulation studies. He published two papers “The Role of Kinetics in the Numerical Simulation of the In-Situ Combustion”, Second International Conference on Heavy Crude and Tar Sands 1972, Venezuela and “The Gas Well”, Using a gas well mechanistic model, Sand Consultants Inc., 1999.

Mr. Erian graduated from the University of Alexandria (Egypt) with B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineer (1968) and Diploma in Statistics and Computer Science from the Cairo University (Egypt) in (1972). He also completed his M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) in 1977 and M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary, (Canada) in 1980.
M.R. (Mike) Carlson
M.R. (Mike) Carlson Manager, Reservoir Engineering
Mr. Carlson has extensive experience (over 30 yrs) in the area of conventional and simulation reservoir engineering. He worked on numerous EOR projects including waterflooding and steam injection. He has been offering training courses on the subject of practical reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation in North America and Internationally. Mr. Carlson has published over 40 technical papers to various technical organizations. Mr. Carlson also published a text book titled “Practical Reservoir Simulation”

B. App. Sci., Geological Engineering, University Of Toronto (1979): Geological engineering is oriented to the design of foundations, earth and rock structures. The curriculum includes courses in geology, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, and groundwater.

Graduate Level Courses, University Of Calgary: Reservoir Simulation I, Applied Reservoir Simulation and Thermal Recovery Methods. (Grade Pt. Avg. 3.53)

Dr. Sean Hayes Ph.D PGeol.,
Dr. Sean Hayes Ph.D PGeol., - Manager Geo-science
Reservoir Geologist and 3D Modelling specialist with over 30 years of international and Canadian domestic oil industry experience covering all activities related to reservoir exploration, appraisal, development and production.

As Geoscience Manager, set up, from inception, a successful Geoscience arm for a Reservoir Engineering consultancy in UK providing integrated 3D modelling services, using the latest software. Marketed these services to operating companies, banks and government clients. Established reservoir characterisation team of over 20 staff and associates.

M.Sc. Hydrogeology: 3D modelling, Groundwater flow and
Groundwater-contaminant transport.

Ph.D. The Caledonian Geology of NE Porsangerhalvoya,
Finnmark, N. Norway

BSc (Hons) Geology

Ian F. Smith, B.SC.,
Ian F. Smith, B.SC.,- Associate Petrophysicist
Mr. Smith has over 19 years of experience in domestic and international venues, from both operational and project perspectives. Areas of interest include integration of core/core and core/log data, correlation of near wellbore log evaluations with geologic models, wireline, DST, electrical and acoustic borehole image interpretations to identify stratigraphic and textural changes within the reservoir that effect petrophysical parameters.
Graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with B.Sc. (Advanced) Geology. Ian is a member of the SPWLA, CSPG and CWLS.
Hoshne Banu
Hoshne Banu- Sr. Reservoir Engineer
Ms Hoshne Banu has 15 years of diversified experience in the Petroleum Industry in Western
Canada and internationally, as a reservoir engineer. Her main experience is in the area reservoir studies and preparing field development plan using various reservoir simulators; Eclipse, Rubis. Also she performed numerious well test analysis (PTA) and production analysis (PA) using both the KAPPA and the Fekete software. She also proficient in economic and risk analysis to estimate oil and gas reserves. Hoshne has performed vertical well flow including artificial lift design using PROPER software.
Obtained Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway. She also obtained Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Dhaka.
Denis Andrew Gittins B.SC., P. Geoph., PMGC, PMP
Denis Andrew Gittins B.SC., P. Geoph., PMGC, PMP - Senior Advisor

Mr. Gittins, a San International Management Consultant Professional, PMP, with over 35 years of experience, results-driven, analytical and proactive with a proven global track record in fast paced and conflict zone environments in a variety of business, specialized as a Subject Matter Expert, negotiator and Business Development Advisor, risk identification, verification, validation, negotiation and ongoing independent audits, and crisis management for private companies, banks, financial institutions and government. Mr. Gittins has extensive experience in public relations with foreign government officials, and offers exceptional ability to work towards focused target areas, finding new technical and challenging opportunities and ventures stimulating to respond to them with action.

B.Sc.; Bachelor of Science in Geophysics

University of British Columbia (UBC) – Vancouver, Canada (1980)

PMGC; Project Management Graduate Certificate

Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (2017)


PMP; Project Management Professional (#2205732)

Project Management Institute

P. Geoph; Professional Geophysicist

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists

Nationalities and P.R.

Canadian, UK, Uruguay (by birth). PR for Panama, Argentina, Venezuela

Abi Yematawork
Abi Yematawork- Reservoir Analyst
Abenet “Abi” Yematawork is an engineering technologist and geologist with over 10 years varied experience in both domestic and international oil and gas industries. Abi engaged in a number of projects involving detailed reservoir study and simulation of major oil and gas fields. He conducted BHP and IPR calculations for gas and water injection wells with EPS software for AGIP Libya EOR Projects Abi has sound experience in pressure transient, and production data analysis and is competent in making cross-sections, mapping, and seismic data analysis: 2D,3D He has extensive knowledge of PVT, SCAL, RCAL, capillary pressure, relative permeability and evaluation of reserves. Abi is qualified in reservoir data analysis: net pay, isopachs, tops, permeability, production, reservoir pressure and evaluation of reserves.
Abi received his BS in Geology from Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1986 and his BA of Applied Petroleum Engineering Technology at SAIT in Calgary in 1997.
John Mroch
John Mroch- VP Business Development
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Irina Oberemchenko
Irina OberemchenkoM.Sc. Senior Geophysicist
Ms Oberemchenko has over 15 years international experience from both an exploration and field development standpoint in six countries throughout the world including Russia, Algeria, Vietnam, and Iran.  Her area of expertise is in 2D/3D seismic data processing and interpretation.Throughout her career, she has worked on a wide range of clastic and carbonate reservoirs and recognizes the uniqueness and challenges associated with each.  As a proven team player, her strong structural and stratigraphic  interpretation skills have been a valuable resource for engineers and geologists as they prepare, organize, and manage information and data on a wide variety  of oil and gas reservoirs.
Ms Oberemchenko holds a BSc in Geophysics obtained from the University of Moscow in 1982 and co-authored a leading seismic interpretation software package entitled INPRESTM .
Adel Guirgis
Adel Guirgis- PhD, P.Eng., PMP
20+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry with several years of thermal experience in SAGD and solvent-assisted (Dovap VAPEX pilot; with 9 partner companies) and gas co-injection projects

  • Worked as a Production Engineer for over 10 years on a number of commercial SAGD projects including Suncor’s MacKay River (30000 b/d), CNRL’s Wolf Lake project including CNRL’s first SAGD pilot pad in the McMurray formation, and SOSL’s West Ells 10000 b/d project in the Wabiskaw formations
  • Participated in the engineering design and execution of 3 commercial SAGD projects of planned 40,000 barrels/day (over 150 SAGD well pairs drilled and completed)
  • PhD and Masters degrees related to SAGD development including subsurface, surface facilities, and environmental engineering (hydrogeology, emissions, soil remediation);
  • 8 years of regulatory experience in well operations at the Alberta Energy Resources and Conservation Board dealing with technical as well as stakeholder issues including representing the board staff in a number (over 12) of public hearings
Alex Turta, Ph.D, P.Eng.,
Alex Turta, Ph.D, P.Eng., - Heavy Oil Engineer
Alex is an expert in designing, implementing and evaluating Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) projects. Laboratory testing and research for IOR methods applied to heavy and light oil reservoirs, Heavy oil reservoirs exploitation by thermal methods, waterflooding and primary solution gas drive (foamy oil, Reservoir engineering aspects of horizontal wells, Conventional reservoir engineering, Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR) ,Asphaltene deposition .
He has accomplished Instrumental aspects in the development of the PRIze/SelectEOR software, used for the evaluation of EOR potential of oil reservoirs. He is pioneer in the Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR) .He has worked for many R&D projects and laboratory works in North America.Consultancy with Petrobras, Brazil, Petronas , Malaysia and JOGMEC, Japan, in the area of air injection application for light oils recovery, 2006-2008.Consultancy with Staatsolie, Suriname: IOR/EOR Opportunities: Evaluation of Future IOR/EOR Potential using PRIze software” April 2004. Consultancy with Ocean Energy of Houston for light-heavy oil recovery methods, 2002, Review of Eight ECOPETROL (Colombia) Oil Reservoirs in order to assess the potential for EOR and Horizontal Wells. November 1993. The assessment was conducted using PRIze. Consultancy with United Nations Development Programs for India, 1991-1996 (thermal methods), worked for Petroleum Recovery Institute in Calgary, Research and Development Institute for Oil and Gas, Campina, Romania as Deputy Manager-Heavy Oil Department.
1977 – Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, Institute of Oil and Gas Bucharest, Romania. Subject: heavy oil recovery by thermal methods -1968 – M.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, Institute of Oil and Gas, Bucharest, Faculty of Drilling of Wells and Exploitation of Oil and Gas Reservoirs