Online Training Courses

PMG has decided to take the lead in online training activities, by announcing our new feature:

Pay only for what you need

Our online training programs are now include the following options:

  1. Offering several Live full training courses
  2. Offering on-demand “Recorded” training courses, to access 24/7 at your convenience.
  3. You can now pick & choose the sections you are interested in and only pay for what you attend for on-demand courses.

Currently, we have three online courses that are available both “Live

and on-demand Recorded, as follow:

    1. Basic Well Test Analysis
    2. Exploitation of Tight and Unconventional Reservoirs
    3. Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering
    4. Overview of Well Injection Tests
    5. Petroleum Engineering for Non-engineers
    6. Waterflood Management

For more information, please visit our web:  or

Contact Mr. Saad Ibrahim at (403) 616-8330