Do you want to improve the bottom-line results of your company?

Of course, you will say yes, but how?

That is not a secret, it is by utilizing “Production Optimization”. As you know our Canadian Western Basin has become very mature and the days of finding a big elephant are over. Nevertheless, major opportunities do exist in the area of production optimization for your producing assets, or in “low hanging fruits”. However, the reality is more can be done in this important area of production optimization
for the following reasons:

  1. Many companies have taken the concept to operate “lean and mean”, meaning because of the shortage of staff many opportunities are missed
  2.  The recent high turn over in the oil industry of qualified and experience staff
  3. The major reduction in the training budget in the industry, depriving the young and new grads of the tools and the practical skills to improve performance

Likely, Petro Management Group Ltd. (PMG), which is a petroleum engineering consulting and training firm, established in Calgary since 1994, is available to help. How can PMG help?

  1. Providing highly qualified staff and specialized in varies services
  2. Using state-of-art software, including Kappa Saphire and Topaze (PTA and RTA) to locate areas of production optimization
  3. Using Mini Frac (DFIT) to improve hydraulic frac design
  4. Use of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques, including analytical and numerical tools to maximize EUR
  5. Review well performance of Multi-stages Horizontal Wells (MFHW’s) and define areas to improve production
  6. Perform production forecast sensitivity analysis to estimate P10 P50 and P90 recoverable reserves
  7. Providing a set of training courses with a high focus of the Canadian contents and the practical applications
  8. Introduce new technologies such as Inflow Control Device (ICD) and Power-Wave tool


PMG will be delight to have the opportunity to discuss our client’s consulting and training needs and provide a competitive quote of the services free of charge.


For more information, please visit our web:  or contact Mr. Saad Ibrahim, P. Eng at Cell: (403) 616-8330