Reservoir Management; Uncertainties and Risks

By: Saad Ibrahim, P.Eng.New

August 15-17, 2022 (3 days) and Nov. 28-30, 2022 (3 days)

This course illustrates how Reservoir management integrates multi-disciplinary team efforts to prepare the optimal development plans and depletion strategy for the full production cycle to maximize the Expected Ultimate Recovery (EUR) predict the performance of various oil and gas reservoirs.  Technical and financial uncertainties and risks with are discussed and the tools to reduce these risks are discussed through numerous interesting real case studies.

Learning outcome:

  1. The importance of reservoir management
  2. Reservoir Management Model
  3. What are the Uncertainties and Risks; identification methods and remedial action
  4. Applications of reservoir management, using case studies:
    1. Rock wettability and impact on performance
    2. The use of fluid phase envelop on depletion strategy
    3. Impact of the reservoir facies identification on waterflood performance.
    4. Well testing tools for reserves identification and well productivity
    5. EOR & waterflood use of Multi-stage Fracing of Hz Wells (MFHW’s)
  5. How to account for risks in economic evaluation

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