Petroleum Engineering with Petro Management Group Ltd.– PMG is an integrated Petroleum Engineering company which provides services to the oil and gas industry domestically and internationally since 1994.

About Us – Petro Management Group Ltd. (PMG) is an integrated Petroleum Engineering consulting company providing services to the oil industry world wide since 1994.

Team of Petro Management Group Ltd. – our team: Principal Engineer, Simulation Expert, EOR Specialist, Associate Engineer, Reservoir Analyst, Reservoir Engineers, Geologists and other.

Experience of Petro Management Group LTD in Western Canada – This is a brief description of some of the projects that Petro Management Group has done for clients in North America.

Internationall experianse of Petro Management Group – This is a brief description of some of the projects that Petro Management Group has done for clients internationally.

Petro Management Training – petroleum and gas engineering courses, reservoir engineering training, well test analysis course, horizontal wells water management.

Well Test Analysis for Non-Specialists – The purpose of this one-day course is to offer a high level overview on well test analysis to allow the use of this tool effectively in reservoir management and production optimization.

Performance Evaluation Of Horizontal Wells – Methods used to predict well performance; such as, expected producing rate, drainage area, and fluid coning will be explained through class problems.

Waterflood Management course – This course provides a complete review of all aspects of waterflood schemes being the most proven, lowest cost, and applicable to various types of reservoirs.

Enhanced Oil Recovery course – This course provides a complete review of all aspects of enhanced oil recovery. A review of EOR screening process is reviewed for the different schemes.

Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Reservoir Engineering for petroleum and exploitation engineers/technologists, geophysicists and geologists.

Well Test Analysis Workshop course – The objective of the Well Test Analysis Workshop is to provide a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of well test analysis techniques.

Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers – This course is designed to provide non-engineering petroleum industry technical professionals with a thorough overview of most key aspects of petroleum engineering technology and its applications.

Petroleum Engineering Consulting firm – PMG has over 100 satisfied clients world-wide. Our multi-disciplinary and highly experienced staff, allow PMG to offer integrated services for a wide range of projects.

Lunch and Learn format seminars and programs with hydraulic fracturing. This interactive workshop will provide you with the basics on steps associated with hydraulic fracturing: such as, planning, transportation, set-up, fracturing, and demobilization.

Evaluation of Multi-Stage Frac of Horizontal Wells (MFHW’s) – The technologies of applying Multi-stage Frac of Horizontal Wells has been growing exponentially bringing life to reservoirs that were uneconomic to exploit only a few years ago.

Application of Mini Fracs – Mini Frac has become a requirement by the ERCB for steam injection in heavy oil projects, to ensure the integrity of the cap rock and to confirm the appropriate ceiling injection pressure.

Waterflood Oil Recovery – The purpose of this seminar is to investigate different optimization options to significantly increase the ultimate oil recovery, especially for tight oil formations such as the Cardium, Montney, Bakken, etc.

PMG – Media: Video and Pictures.

PMG is celebrating its 20th years and 20000 wells analyzed worldwide.

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