By: Saad Ibrahim, P. eng.
March 31, 2022, and Sept. 8, 2022

Course Objectives:

The purpose of this one-day course is to offer the most practical applications of the Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFIT). The DFIT has become an essential tool to obtain reservoir information that cannot be obtained using conventional Pressure Transient Test (PTA); such as flow and buildup tests. Also, useful information obtained from the DFIT analysis is critical to the design of hydraulic frac treatment. Test interpretations including pre-frac and after closure analysis will be discussed in detail; both the theory and practical applications. The application of DFIT is extended to cap rock integrity testing. Several case studies will be reviewed using commercial software.

Why attend the course?

1. Obtain a quick overview on well test analysis techniques
2. Understand the benefits of the DFIT and what reservoir parameters and rock mechanic parameters could be obtained.
3. Why DFIT is frequently combined with Step-up and/or step-down tests
4. Learn the applications of the (DFIT) or Mini Frac to meet the requirements of the AER
5. Learn how to extract parameters from DFIT used for frac design including:

1. Pre-Frac Closure (leak-off types, closure pressure, ISIP)
2. After Closure Analysis (ACA) to obtain formation permeability & pressure
3. Numerous case studies from the Duvernay and other formations

6. Learn how to design DFIT to ensure conclusive results are obtained.
7. Review cap rock testing methods.