Pay 25% less for Petroleum Engineering Consulting and Training Services

Petro Management Group, established in Calgary/Canada in 1994, offers the highest quality of Petroleum Engineering and Training services at 25% off because you will be invoiced in Canadian dollars, including but not limited to:

Mini Frac (DFIT)

Probabilistic and Deterministic Resaves

Well Spacing Optimization


Modeling of complex Multi-Stage Frac of Hz Wells (MFHW)






Training courses:

⦁ Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering
⦁ Well Test Analysis Workshop
⦁ Performance Evaluation of Horizontal Wells
⦁ The exploitation of Tight and Unconventional Reservoirs
⦁ Overview of Well Injection Tests
⦁ Waterflood Management
⦁ Waterflood Management and Enhanced Oil Recovery
⦁ Overview of Well Injection Tests
⦁ Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers

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