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Online (Recorded): Exploitation of Tight and Unconventional Reservoirs

Full Course : $1500



Exploitation of Tight & the Unconventional(Fee Schedule)

Only pay for what you need!!

For the On-demand (pre-recorded) option, please make your selection of your choice:

  1. Attend the full course (all sections) for only $1,500.0 which is 20% off + GST 5% GST
  2. Select the requested section(s), and add up the fee of each section + 5% GST

Included in the fee:

  1. Receive videos of the requested section (s)
  2. Receive PDF file of the course notes of the selected section (s)
  3. Receive had-outs of related technical papers
  4. Receive PDF of the class problems & solutions
  5. Communicate by e-mail with the instructor for questions/discussions